Lost Voice Guy – more about the communication aid he uses and what they are

Lost Voice Guy Lee Ridley, known as ‘Lost Voice Guy’, is the first comedian to win Britain’s Got Talent... and also the first communication aid user to win!  Lost Voice Guy may not “speak”, but he certainly has a voice -  sharing his experiences of cerebral palsy and...

7 reasons why short, simple sentences are best for language development

Simplifying language The language we use when we chat is complicated.  We don’t mean to, us adults just can’t help saying things in a more difficult way than we need to. There’s an example: I could have said above “Adults use complex language”.  Instead of being clear...

What on earth is tongue tie? What you need to know.

Let’s talk about tongues! You may have heard of tongue tie before, formally known as ankyloglossia.  With around 4-11 percent of new babies being affected by tongue tie (NHS 2017), many parents will have had some experience of it or know someone who has. What is...
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