So your kid needs a speech therapist – what happens next?

WHY YOU ARE THE KEY PLAYER IN YOUR CHILD’S THERAPY When speech and language therapists put together a therapy program for your child, their decision will be informed by a few things: the age of your child, their main mode of communication, their understanding levels,...

Hurray for Play! From 0-3 years and how it aids language development

Hurray for play! Play has been likened to a fertiliser that nourishes the brain ‘with the behavioural equivalent of miracle Gro’ (John Medina 2008).  Play facilitates learning, encourages creativity and imagination, supports and develops our memory, language, social...

5 Reasons YOU are your child’s best Speech Therapist

5 Reasons YOU are your child’s best Speech and Language Therapist Speech and Language Therapists are keen to get parents involved in the therapy process, but is this just a cop-out to avoid doing the work themselves?  Yes, it can be tricky to convince a child to...
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