Ask an early years teacher – speech and language in their eyes

This week we interview Eleanor, a nursery manager with over 20 years of experience working in nurseries and pre-schools.  I was lucky enough to spend half an hour with her, hearing all about her experiences working with pre-school children, and learning some fresh...

Can toys supercharge my child’s language skills?

Even as adults, toy stores are alluring. Maybe the appeal comes from the flashing lights, the beaming colours and high stacked shelves. Often we are drawn in by the manufacture’s promises and guarantees to help our children develop in EVERY possible way. There are the...

Interview with a SENCO – thoughts on communication

Our Speech and Language Therapists regularly provide you with information, inside knowledge and tips and tricks on how to support your child’s communication skills. Here we are passing the mic over to another professional, Madeleine. Madeleine has worked with speech...
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