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Help your child speak more fluently – Part of our Ask the Expert Series

Is it a stutter?

When children are learning to talk, they may go through periods when they repeat the first sounds of words (e.g. ‘t-toy’), or whole words (e.g. ‘my my cup’).  You might also spot your child using lots of ‘uh’, ‘umms’ and ‘errs’ when thinking of what to say.  This is perfectly normal!  The repetitions or pauses will become less frequent as they get older, and your child will still seem relaxed when they’re talking – they will probably not even be aware they are pausing or repeating.

For some children, this period of bumpy speech may last a bit longer, or be a bit more noticeable.  You might see it happening in their speech a bit more than other children their age, or they may be repeating the first sound in words lots of times, e.g. ‘t-t-t-t-toy’.  If so, you can find out more about stuttering in young children by reading our article  >>>

Looking at The British Stammering Association website  >>>  If you are concerned that your child is stuttering, particularly if your child seems to struggle to get their words out lots of the time, please ask a Speech and Language Therapist for advice.  You can access support via your local NHS service or ICAN.  Iris Speaks also offers consultations where we would be happy to listen to your child talk and discuss any concerns you have.

What you’ll get from this booster programme  £75  now £52.50 (US$75/AUD$100)

(30% off limited time only)

Developed by our our highly experienced speech and language therapists this focussed, short programme provides you with personalised 1-2-1 practical advice, downloads and videos on actions you can take as a family to help encourage you child to speaks clearly and fluently and build their confidence. Ideal for 2-4 year olds with unclear speech or putting words together and saying the sounds fluently.

Ideal if you have niggling worries about their progress compared to other children their age. Perfect if considered too early for NHS/State assessment or you are on a waiting list.

We provide you with helpful and practical advice:

  • Online assessment checklist – to work out areas of weakness
  • 30 minute one off one to one session (watch an example with a specially selected therapist via secure Iris Speaks video platform  – you will discuss the results of the checklist and any areas of concern outside this.
  • Baby and toddler parents guide download – filled with activities and advice
  • Bonus video training on how to spot issues with speech and language.

Expert Advice 1-2-1

Speak directly with a specially selected expert therapist and get feedback on how you can help your child with a programme of activities.

One-off booster

Designed to be value for money combining expert advice with identifying areas of weakness and a programme of activities.

See the impact!

From the identified areas of weakness you can work through the activities and have fun measuring your improvement together.

It’s been fun and also very useful into gaining a better understanding of the challenges that Lorenzo has and is faced with, plus he wants to be able to make friends. Progress has definitely been made!


Mum to Lorenzo

Alfie was really engaged in the session with Alys – which is just fabulous! I’m glad I started this process and although it’s early days I’m excited for the future and what he can achieve.


Mum to Alfie

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