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We are on a mission to help improve communication and empower and improve everyday lives – everywhere.

As part of this mission we provide:

Free bite sized 10 part guides straight to your inbox. Easy to read on the phone.

Providing you with practical advice and videos on actions you can take as a family to help encourage communications skills and confidence.

Areas covered

  • Unclear speech and communication
  • Is your child a late talker?
  • Support with social communication
  • Help with speech sounds
  • Language for literacy

Access now:

Frustrated at not getting any answers?

Are you just starting speech and language therapy, have a loved one with swallowing issues, concerned about your child’s speech, use of language or social communication?

This private Facebook group is for families and professionals who have a loved one or client with speech, language and communication needs.

Professionals and families alike share their experiences and what’s worked for them. Ask questions and provide step by step tips to help others.

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4 Halloween crafts and games to help with speech and language

Halloween crafts It’s that spooky time of year, when witches, ghosts and ghouls appear... and fairly often (at least in my experience), little children who want to get in on the activities but aren’t always old enough to go trick-or-treat-ing.  You can still let them...

How to support children with selective mutism

Supporting children with selective mutism Our recent article discussed how scary talking can be for children with selective mutism.  The good news is that changes to your own communication style and the environment make a big difference to the happiness and...

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