How Iris Speaks works

Get advice fast.

Feeling frustrated with existing speech therapy? On a waiting list? Short on time and overloaded? Chat to Iris Speaks.

Get advice on what’s possible from the comfort of your home.

Watch the video to get an idea of an Iris Speaks session. Check out what areas we help with.


Focus on the family.

Therapy that fits around your busy life. 

Iris Speaks looks at the functional and practical targets not just educational that will help you in everyday life as a family.

We agree these targets with you and together we measure the improvements.

Put the brakes on the parent taxi service.

Help in your own home – no travel, no hassle, no frustration.

Remote therapy has been proven to be just as good as face to face therapy for many people. We can help you understand if it’s a fit for you and we have a 100% happiness guarantee on our programmes. 


Discreet, private and secure.

Sessions are always completely private and confidential

All clinical data is encrypted and stored securely

All therapists are qualified and background checked. It’s important we get the right therapists for you.

1. Book a consultation

The starting point is a 30-minute chat with an experienced Iris Speaks consultant to find out about what you and your family needs.


2. Assessment

We provide a more detailed professional assessment and report with key recommendations. Or if you already have an recent assessment report, one of our qualified therapists is happy to review this and recommend next steps.

3. Personalised sessions

We agree a customised programme of  sessions with you to meet your exact needs. We start with a programme of 12 thirty minute sesssions – but we can always agree more in the future.

4. Progress

We agree what we want to achieve together and track progress and practical outcomes to show real progress and help for your family.

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Learn with Iris Speaks

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