A Mobile & VR Learning Adventure.

Seeking 7 trailblazing nurseries to join the team.

What is SparkleVR?

We’re a group of award winning technologists and speech and language therapists and we competed to win a technology grant from UFI this summer.

SparkleVR is a 12 month project to create and deliver a mobile app and virtual reality (VR) speech, language and communication training to early years professionals in a modern, flexible and affordable way.

We are seeking 7 nurseries from across the UK with capacity for 10-15 learners and we will work with you to design and develop the technology.

Work with us to address the increasing number of children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs with State of the Art Technology and a dose of common sense…

Why get involved…??

  • We want to develop your team’s abilities to identify, assess and support children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs.
  • Our aim is to make you feel confident on how to provide tailored support for each child and know when you need to get specialists in.
  • We know you have in-depth knowledge of the children and we want to design SparkleVR to build on your existing practices.
  • We’ve listened and heard you tell us that you have little additional time for training and CPD, that it can be costly and offsite.


  • Briefing/co-design and induction – 2 workshops November-March. First one you help us design the app! Second one includes fun VR training with goggles!
  • March-August 2019  – learners use the app to learn,  track progress and try out VR
  • Summer 2019 filming and evaluation of learners

What you will get

  • Free access to the software for the project duration and very special treatment if you decide to be a customer (no obligation)
  • 1 x Oculus Go VR goggles and controller – to keep!
  • Support from our brilliant speech and language therapy team
  • Fun, laughter and learning all bundled together!

Want in?

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