Mobile and VR Training for Early Years Professionals

to identify, assess and support late talkers.

What is SparkleVR?

SparkleVR is a mobile app and virtual reality (VR) speech, language and communication training programme for early years professionals. Delivered in a modern, flexible and affordable way.



5-10 mins learning a day

SparkleVR identifies your weak spots in knowledge and focuses on those until you’re achieving advanced across every topic. We continuously evaluate your abilities, intelligently identifying what to learn next.

Using VR to apply your knowledge

Sparkle VR comes with VR goggles which you use in sessions to check your new knowledge in real life situations. VR training helps to embed into your long term working memory.

Measure the impact of the training

We show you the measurable impact your new skills and knowledge have on the children. You will use our assessments to understand how to tailor your training to each child. 

The Team

We’re a team of award winning technologists and speech and language therapists working with early years practitioners from around the UK.

We won a grant from UFI Charitable Trust to build SparkleVR over a 12 month period. We will train 100 learners from 8 different nurseries and measure the impact of our training before general release.  


Review Group

Ruth Merritt

Ruth Merritt

Speech and Language Therapist

Ruth works as an independent Specialist Speech and Language Therapist specialising in deafness, autism and cerebral palsy. She runs specialist training courses and offers clinical supervision to other therapists.

Chris Comper

Chris Comper

Nursery Manager

Head of Oaks Nursery, at the University of Kent. During my childcare career I’ve worked in  pre-schools, as learning support in a reception class, and also with registered childminders  providing Early Years Education. I have held a nursery management position since 2007.

Ruth Crampton

Ruth Crampton

Speech and Language Therapist

I began my private practice in 2016, while lecturing part time on the undergraduate SLT course at Ulster University. I have provided Speech and Language Therapy for children across a variety of settings including community clinics, schools and nurseries, as well as managing complex caseloads as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Victoria Thompson

Victoria Thompson


Mother of 3 lovely boys, wife of a fantastic husband, SEN teacher, town councillor. Currently wading through the minefield that is speech and language therapy for our 4 year old.

Sophie Thomson

Sophie Thomson

Head of Primary Literacy, Pearson

I’ve worked in educational content and technology for the past 10 years, with a focus on literacy, and I’m particularly interested in issues of learner engagement and motivation, and how technology can enhance and improve learning experiences.

Professor Sally Kendall

Professor Sally Kendall

Professor of community nursing and community health

I have 30 years’ academic experience and a background in nursing and health visiting. My role at University of Kent is to develop new areas of multi-disciplinary research to extend the scope of CHSS from health policy to implementation and application in community and public health settings.

Pioneer Nurseries

We put all call out for pioneer nurseries in the UK via a post in Nursery World Magazine. After many interviews we narrowed them down to these specially selected few. We are working with them over a 12 month period to design, implement and evaluate our training technology. Over the months we will be posting more videos and pictures from the workshops…including the footage of them using VR for the first time! Please meet our pioneers.

Kangaroo Pouch, West Midlands

They are the largest chain of day nurseries in the West Midlands. They have 7 nurseries with 80 staff. 

Heber Primary School, London

It was important that we had feedback from a typically sized primary school based nursery class and their staff. Heber are helping us with this!

Fennies, South Croydon

Fennies are based in South East England and have a chain of 11 nurseries and over 250 staff. 

The Oaks Nursery, Kent

This nursery has 33 staff and provides a service for staff and students of the University of Kent. 

Prospect House Nurseries, Horsforth

A chain of two. This is a large nursery with 40 staff based just outside Leeds city centre.

Lavenders Day Nusery, Bedford

Part of the large chain from Childbase Partnership. They have 42 nurseries and over 2000 staff. Lavenders has 40 staff. 

Cedar Park, Twyford

Also part of the large Childbase Partnership chain. Cedar Park has 34 members of staff. 

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