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Help your child with unclear speech or pronunciation

A ten part series to help you and your loved one straight in your inbox

What you’ll get out of this ten part programme:

This free bite size 10 part guide provides you with practical advice and videos on actions you can take as a family to help encourage communications skills and confidence for children with unclear speech or pronunciation. 

Developed by highly experienced Speech and Language Therapists, this programme aims to give you practical tips you can apply straight away and build greater understanding of speech and language therapy. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. All for the best interest of your child.

A great introductory help for verbal dyspraxia and other speech sound difficulties in children. 

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 Fun & easy

10 emails straight to your inbox over 2 weeks

 Easy to digest

Each days tips take you no more than 10 minutes to read

Build knowledge

Practical advice you can apply straight away. 1000s of families helped so far.  


“The whole family got involved with the activity suggestions”

Katie H.


“I learnt so much more about speech therapy - I feel more confident.”

Laura P.

Don’t wait, maximise your knowledge today. 

Iris Speaks provide digital speech and language therapy from the comfort of your home 7 days a week www.