What is speech and language therapy?

Speech and language therapy is all about improving the quality of life of children and adults by helping them communicate more effectively.

It can help people of all ages, from your son or daughter through to your relatives or friends.

20%, or one in 5 of us, may experience communication difficulties at some point, so speech and language therapy is vital in improving so many aspects of our lives.

Who does speech and language therapy help?

Speech and language therapy can help children who are struggling to communicate or learn and develop their language or speech – from infants, pre-school children, to those in their early school years and beyond.

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists highlights that speech, language and communication needs are the most common type of special education needs in those aged 4-11 years old.

Expert therapy may address speech and language communication difficulties, such as stammering, which in itself affects 1 in 20 children, pronunciation difficulties, difficulty in putting sentences together or understanding words, their meanings or what parents and teachers are saying.

Speech and language therapy can also help other conditions such as learning difficulties or hearing problems. Or even picking up and understanding English as a second language.

ICAN, the children’s communication charity, estimates more than 1 million children in the UK have communication difficulties.

What do speech and language therapists do?

Speech and language therapists are qualified experts that provide much needed learning and communication skills to children so that they can fulfil their potential, and not be left behind when they are infants, at school or as they grow up. They also work with adults to help them with acquired communication disorders like the impact of a stroke, head injury and memory or swallowing issues with dementia.


Iris Speaks understands family lives are hectic. So we enable parents to access qualified speech and language therapists for children at a time that works for your family and in the secure and comforting environment of your own home.  



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