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  • The registration and account creation process
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  • What you can do on the platform
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  • How a session finishes
What are the prices and duration of the programme?

Full details are given on the pricing page. But here they are for speed!

Consultation £10 = 30 minutes. You will discuss the form you filled in and we’ll be asking suitability questions for telepractice to make sure it’s going to work out for you practically and what you want particular help with and your objectives around therapy.

Review/Assessment. £39 for 30 minute review. We recommend this is you’ve had a recent assessment already. A full assessment will be 90 minutes. Post consultation we will advise on review or assessment. After an assessment you will be provided with a report from the therapist they will let you know when to expect this. It will detail recommendations around any issues.

Course £499. You get 360 minutes of time. The first session will be 30 minutes long. For the following sessions you will agree lengths of time with the therapist. This could vary from 30 minutes (20 mins therapy and 10 mins review) up to 45 minutes.

What kind of things will we do in a session and outside sessions?

After the assessment or review you will agree targets with the therapist and the therapist will design a programme of intervention over 360 minutes. The sessions will incorporate activities and games to keep the sessions lively, fun and engaging. The therapist will also explain to the parent the objective of the activity so the parent can understand the process and be encouraging. Outside the session where appropriate the therapist may email you activity worksheets to practice to help with progression and keep up the intensity of practice.

Will I need more than one course?

It all depends on the individual and what other support they have had or are having outside Iris Speaks. The therapist will design each course with targets so that you see progression within the 450 minutes. At the end of this you will assess and agree together the next steps. You are under no obligation to continue to book another course.

Can you go over my checklist of technical requirements?
  1. Strong broadband connection. Run this test to see if you pass.
  2. A computer/laptop with a video camera – minimum 13″ screen size – no netbooks!
  3. Hands free mobile headphones (the type you get with your mobile that has a mic or headset)
  4. A quiet and comfortable area to sit and a mouse for your child if they can’t use the touchpad of a laptop
What if I want to change or cancel my appointment?

Go the Therapists scheduling calendar (given in the email where you made the original appointment) and if it’s before 48 hours you will be able to cancel and reschedule the appointment. If it’s less than 48 hours notice you can only cancel and you will be charged the full amount for the appointment. If any issues rescheduling just contact us on or call us.

What happens if I am late for an appointment?

If you are more than 5 minutes late the Therapist can decide to wait for the duration of the appointment or terminate the appointment.

What if I want to cancel an appointment?

For consultations/Reviews/Assessments and First sessions of a course – Go the Therapists scheduling calendar (given in the email where you made the original appointment) and if it’s before 48 hours you will be able to cancel and reschedule the appointment. If it’s a one off appointment you will just be able to cancel with 48 hours notice. If it’s less than 48 hours when you cancel you will be charged the full amount for the appointment. Of course in extreme circumstances sometimes we can bend on this – just call the office on 0800 011 9535.

For customers in the second session or more of a course just email the office on or call us up to 48 hours before to cancel and we will amend the appointment and reschedule you where possible.

What if I am not happy or want to make a complaint?

If you have purchased a course and after the first session you are not happy we will refund the cost of the entire course. We want a 100% satisfaction from our customers!

If you wish to make a complaint please contact the CEO with the nature of your complaints and it will be dealt with discreetly.

Where can I find more interesting and relevant articles to read?

We’ve created a Knowledge Base of articles and courses – nearly everything we’ve written over the last 12 months and you can find it all here. This should keep you busy!

Flexible hours around your family and personal responsibilities.

Using the latest secure technology.

From the comfort of your own home.  No travel!

Target focussed so that you the parent feel informed and involved.

Still got questions?

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